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Lethbridge Real Estate Purchases & Refinances

When you are facing financial challenges and traditional banks are of no help, we may be able to solve your borrowing challenges:

  • Residential, investment, and commercial real estate
  • Business Payroll Shortfalls
  • Borrowing against other assets
  • Outright purchase of your loan
  • Yes, We even buy houses!

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Mortgage Loans and Borrowing

If you own a house, have equity in the property, and are facing financial challenges, we may be able to help.  We offer first and second mortgages, short term and long term borrowing options, and are open to other creative solutions which we can to help you out and still make a profit on the loan.  We are open minded and flexible.  Lets talk.

Our rates will not be as low as the bank, but we also are significantly easier to deal with and actually want to lend money.

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Lethbridge Repossession and Tax Arrears

This is our specialty.  We are the ONLY bank repossession and property tax arrears specialists in Lethbridge.   We have negotiated outstanding debts, settled debts for less, and even attended court proceedings for our clients.  Don't let the stress get to you, don't delay.  Dealing with outstanding debt as fast as possible helps to minimize the expense and improves the chances we can help you.  You need to contact us ASAP for a confidential and non-judgmental conversation.  Seriously, contact us ASAP.

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